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This site discusses people who are having problems paying medical bills.

The share of the public reporting problems paying their medical bills has not moved much in recent years.  In the far larger employer-based health insurance sector, deductibles and other forms of cost sharing have been growing about five times faster than wages.  Also, deductibles have been increasing sharply, especially for people who work for smaller employers.

The medical bill score: How the public judges health care

This site summarizes the various universal heath care plans from the states.

Terms like universal health care, single-payer health care, and Medicare-For-All are often used interchangeably, but they are not exactly the same thing.  Universal health care is the broadest term, and it refers to any health policy where every citizen has access to coverage and care.  Despite the challenges, it could take just one success story of a state which develops a workable health plan.

Single-Payer Health Care – Will States Lead The Way?

A site presenting arguments for a Single-Payer "Medicare-For-All" solution.

Supporters argue that a single-payer "Medicare-For-All" approach to universal health care could improve health outcomes at a fraction of current costs.  The average person would save more money on insurance premiums than the tax burden to improve access and expand coverage.  Also coverage would be portable and not dependent on a specific employer

As Senate dithers on health-care bill, here's how states are edging closer to single-payer